Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Photo shoot means another day to play with PTM actions...

Whitney left New Year's Morning to visit more family before she has to return to California for her second semester of college. I wanted to take more photos of her and practice more of that focusing issue that I am "still" working on!

Blech. I am still working on it. I messed up the lighting this time which in turn messed up the focusing. BUT I did some research last night and now know what I did wrong with that. Funny thing is, I did a Google search on Studio Lighting Books. I found this link where someone "who has figured it out" said, "Books will only get you so far, personally I just kept screwing it up till I got it right". Apparently there is something to screwing up which is my MO lately. The more I do it, the better I will get. For right now, no one is safe from my camera. Bwaaaaaaaa! (say that like Dr. Evil).

This particular photo was a stand out & even though things were not great I knew I could do something with it. I recently purchased a set of actions from Paint the Moon and after discovering how easy they are to use, I went to town on this photo. Ps. the set I bought was the Picture Perfect, Miracle Makeover and the Essentials Bundle.   I splurged on these but also had a winning gift certificate as well. I can say that after all the freebies I've gotten over the last couple years, NOTHING compares to this purchase. They are the easiest & best set of actions I've ever experimented with. Remember I am a beginner and I get very frustrated when playing with actions and they don't do what I thought they would do or You have to be advanced to use them. But these PTM actions do what they say & I am kicking butt and taking names kids!

What do you think?

I can't tell you for sure the specific actions I used. I went to town experimenting and just kept what I thought looked good. I just used actions from that bundle and the freebie black frame that I got years ago from MCP actions.

Would like to know what you think. Am I on the right track? My husband thought so and that is pretty cool to me. Then again he also said "what the hell is on her forehead? Does she think she's a gypsy or something". Way to keep it real babe.

Ps. You can click on the photo twice to make it bigger and see more detail.
Happy New Year!

Edited Post: This just in! Want to win some actions from PTM? Check this out! I just entered & so can you!
Paint the Moon Actions & Textures is giving away a $75 gift certificate  at! 


Karen Pedersen said...

LOVE this photo. I can't imagine that you took anything less than perfect anyway. Tell Martin to get with the program. Headbands are IN! Just ask my girls. :)

Marty Barnett said...

GREAT photo! I love the after shot. And tell Whitney I like the headband too. I can't get over how much she looks like you. I'm going to have to try the actions next.

Angela said...

Tracey, I think it turned out great!

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