Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything is coming up... Paper Roses!

Don't even say "It's about time Tracey!". Ok. Go ahead. Say it. I agree. After many, many, many requests I have finally caved in and made a high tech video tutorial. Yep it's major high tech. Not. I seriously didn't have much time and really wanted to get it done since I was just asked to make it for the one thousandth time by none other than Karen Morris. Yes girls. That Karen Morris. Hopefully you don't find it as lame as my children do. Those would be the "high tech people with the lame-o detectors".

So without further ado, please keep the following in mind:

Don't watch this while driving
Do laugh
Do pass it on
Turn off your cell phone when watching. You might get a text and forget about the video
Don't email me to tell me how lame it is- I already know remember my kids?
Learn something Aye?
Stay thirsty my friends (through that in because I love that commercial with the Worlds Most Interesting Man)


Debbie Carriere said...

Great Video, Tracey! I was in your class at convention & loved your roses! I have been putting them on some projects, so I'll post a link to your video on my blog. Thanks for posting. Your work is always inspirational!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy - You made it look sooo easy, I'm going to give it a try and then brag to my friends!!!


Cheyanne Hively said...

You have a great blog and because of your talent, I have left you something nice! Go to my blog at to pick it up!

Tammy Hall said...

Loved the video and the rose. Im so glad after all the begging that we all have done, you finally gave in. Thank you my northern friend!!!!

Nancy Ball said...

F I N A L L Y....the begging has paid off! I like videos that use the KISS tell the kids eventually they'll learn, too!

Thanks my HAS sister...I'll be getting out the scissors and cuttin' a few swirls!

peggylee said...

Love Love your Video, You go girl!!!! I have been admiring your paper roses-thanks for sharing your inspiration.....your twist on them I must try

Karen said...

Oh Tracey! thank you for putting together the tutorial. Kinda funny that I was the impetus after so many requests. The flowers are beautiful (especially when made with those gorgeous CTMH papers!). Thanks again for sharing your talents and inspiring us all to greater creative heights!

Stephanie said...

Tracey the video makes it very clear and simple. I am going to try this technique!! Perhaps show it at my next Tradeshow demo... !?!? hmm that would give me lots of time to chat and get to know a potential customer lol

Karen Pedersen said...

I didn't laugh, I put away my cell phone (but it wouldn't have mattered. I wouldn't have answered it anyway. I was enthralled), I did feel a wee bit jealous that you can make such beautiful roses, and I will pass it on...tomorrow...on my blog.

Rick and Kori said...

Great video Tracey! Can't wait to go try them out myself :)

Nikki said...

Always inspiring, Tracey! Thanks for the tutorial. : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for finally doing a tutorial on these roses. I've been trying to figure it out since convention. Just not happy w/ how mine turn out. Now off to try again :)

Jennifer Lee said...

Thank you for posting a video tutorial. You did a fantastic job. You did an even better job in person at convention! I made a door decoration, inspired by the one at convention on stage, but used one of your flowers for the center. I posted a link to your blog's how to video. You are such an inspiration, Thank you!

Jen Lee at

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