Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My day with the New England Patriots...

Free tickets. Yes Free. Section 119. Row 3. Seats 1-4. What does this mean? It means you are only 3 rows from the field just to the right of the goal post. Will we ever have this opportunity again? Odds so not in our favor. What is a girl to do? Bring her camera and never stop clicking. No going to the bathroom & no beer. But check it out...
The rush to get in before kick-off.

View from our seats. No zoom on the camera!

Seriously love this!

Lens envy/torture. I want a red vest too. And a big lens. But I can do without that stupid stripped hat. What was she thinking?

Excuse me Tom Brady! Stop staring at me! Don't believe me? Click on the photo and see for yourself!

Even if I didn't have the ball I would run very fast just to get away from the scary long haired man with serious tats!

I think this one is outstanding.

This was the 97 yard punt return for a touch down! He ran right at us while we all screamed "He could go all the way". And he did.

Pat the Patriot's reaction to the touch down!

Ochocinco who was NOT very well liked. Here he is leaving the field just minutes before half time started. But the kicker is the cop in the background! Does Ben Affleck know someone stole his face?

What is he looking at? Proof that old pigs start young. See next photo.

I told you. Young Pig. But Pig none the less.

Realized he was caught.

Oh, there is just so much more but I have to get productive around here. Hopefully you enjoyed that and weren't too jealous! Who am I kidding. Be jealous all you want. That was AWESOME!
Go Pats!


Karen Pedersen said...

Tom Brady was staring at you thinking, "Oh! So THAT is the paper rose lady I've been hearing so much about." I'm glad you have a 'young pig'. I have a house full of young, old and mid-range pigs. You should have to deal with it too. :) GREAT pics.

Amy said...

Hi Tracey. Not sure if you remember me or not...I'm a consultant from N.Dayton who has chatted w/you in the past :) My cousin (like my baby brother)is #72. Isn't the stadium incredible!! You're very lucky to get seats so close!!! I'm family and still get tank seats!!! Awesome pics! If you have one of Matt I'd love to see it :)
-Amy Shellhaas

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

Amy! OMG! I have 10 photos of your cousin! They are good too! Email me privately so I can send them to you!
how cool is that????

Christa said...

What great pictures...and I loved your commentary...I LOL!

Amy said...

Emailed ya :)

Corbs having FUNN said...

Been snooping your blog for a LOOONNGGG time today and just had to say, this was my favorite post! I was on here for the paper roses, but this one made me (and my kids) flip out!
I am a very new consultan in Butte, MT and I am having a blst learning all the tricks you gals share so willingly, but the seats you had are way more interesting to me and the abilities you have with a camera are fascinating!
Thanks for the day's entertainment!!!

Tammy Hall said...

Tracy just look at the pics and they are awesome. What great seats!!!!! I know you had a blast!!!

MistyGirl said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO STINKING JEALOUS!!!!!!!! And I don't even know you - I just staulk you on your website! The Patriots are my only reason for watching football really.... So very sad that Tedi Bruschi isn't playing anymore tho :-( He used to be a client at the accounting firm I worked at - amazing sweet humble intelligent guy - got to see his superBowl rings - OMG!!!!
Such amazing pictures - so glad I looked back at your posts and didn't miss it! :-)

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