Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning to Focus...

Darn, Darn. Darn. I messed it up. I had both my girls together, happy & ready for my camera. I screwed it up. I didn't focus properly. I thought of everything else. Backdrop, lighting, Camera settings galore and I still failed.

Shouldn't I know this by now? Maybe. But my camera isn't just a point & shoot. They looked great in the LCD. Stupid LCD fooling me!  After I uploaded the photos to my computer I saw it. Tragedy. All I could think was..."How could you let this happen? They are in the same state for a very short time & are usually arguing 90% of the that time! You had your chance and blew it". I know, I was so hard on myself. But I can't stay mad at myself long, after all we are best friends. So I forgave & moved on. 

Moved onto the million page manual for my camera is what I did. I spent the evening reading, rereading & falling asleep over "how to focus". I think I figured it out. But I had also had a beer. I love those Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ales. I have never been partial to beer but these Blue Moon's are sa-weet. Especially with an orange slice. Have you seen the movie "Up"?  Well I just had one of those "Squirrel" moments. Focus. Time to stay Focused on Focusing. Are you regretting reading my blog today? 

After all that I've learned a huge lesson. No, it wasn't drink a beer to understand how to focus. It was get over it, learn to do it right, and take many many more purdy pictures. I've scheduled another photo shoot with the kids. Even told Ethan he had to wear pants. This is a funny story that might warrant a post for itself. He is not too excited but he will get over it. I am going to test out my new learned focusing skills & the HUGE difference between the C & the S buttons on the front of my camera and the AF-L on the back! The only lesson not learned is patience. I don't believe I will ever have any of this. If you could buy patience, I would sell off a couple stamp sets for it. And that my friends is saying a lot. 

Here is the tragedy in question. One kid in focus, one blurry. My girls. Caitlyn almost 17 on the left. Whitney completely blurry and newly 20 on the right. I am starting to get mad all over. Breathe girl. Just breathe.
Now for something that did go right. This photo you are looking at is the processed one. Seems I am learning Photoshop. Let me tell you about my love/hate relationship with PS. I love what it "can" do for me. I hate what I "can't" do with it! LOL. This software- if you know how to use it will make you look like a goddess. If you don't know how to use it, you will feel bad inside. Almost like a failure. I am starting to brake out of failure mode. There is so much trial and error & what looks good for you doesn't look good to someone else. There is way too much of "how the heck do they do that" and "why the heck can't I figure this out"! BREATHE!

Video Tutorials, Friendly Blogs & folks who sell "Actions" are my life savers! I can be on the computer all stinking day. I have to say that out of all the actions I've downloaded, Paint The Moon's are the best for me. They are easy to use & I am thrilled with the results so far. Check out the photo below...(SOOTC)

Now scroll back up. Now scroll back down. Back up again. Now to me. Now back to this. The difference is incredible. The skin, eyes, hair & sharpening! I also applied an action called "velvet retro" to make it arty farty. I know I have so, so, so much more to learn. But I think this is one heck of a good start! Tonight I will celebrate with another of those Winter Abbey Ales. 

Stay Focused & Thirsty My Friends,


Rick and Kori said...

Your girls are beautiful and they look just like you! I would also love to learn Photoshop but I'm sure you know a lot more than I do. I need a tutorial!

Karen Pedersen said...

Great post. Quit drinking beer and go learn more photoshop so you can teach me. Your girls are beautiful!

Karen Pedersen said...

I loved your comments to my post yesterday. Don't stress over Jack...keep reading! I promise to email you soon.

Marty Barnett said...

Tracey you are such a goof! The before picture was gorgeous anyway! Yes the second one is better but gee you are too hard on yourself. The girls are beautiful. Whitney is your mini-me twin! Tell her I miss seeing her bowl.
Seeing Cindy tomorrow! Yipee! We miss ya girlfriend!

peggylee said...

Tracey your pics are soooo amazing..your girls are beautiful!!!
Tracey check out and scroll down to Scrapscene projects-I submitted my candle with roses and gave a shout out to you....

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