Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year + CTMH = New Idea Book!

Ah, January is finally here. The wonderful yet stressful holiday season is over. The decorations are all put away (do you still have yours out?) and the kids are back in school. Don't know about you but I'm tossed up over which of these is best. I shall not lie. School back in session #1, followed by the decorations being put away. Don't you love looking around your house afterwards? I do. It looks so clean and bare. I like that. When my house is clean- I want to make something. Sister- I'm not talking dinner. Really? I'm talking crafts, get it together.

January is my Fresh Start. I get my "OCD" tee shirt back on. And I couldn't be happier!
O= obsessive, C= creative, D= disorder (and proud of it)
To help me with my creative journey, I know I can always count on Close To My Heart. Every January brings a new Idea Book. Seriously there is nothing better than a new book. New Supplies, New Ideas, New Inspiration. Who doesn't need that after the last month of unappreciated hard work. Shopping, parties, the tears and arguing (hey who's house were you at?)

Since I'm a consultant I get my hands on the new book in December. I can top that- I get to order from it in December. This year, I ordered a wee bit late. UPS said my package was coming on the 29th. Boo Hoo (some of the crying was here). But low and behold a Christmas Miracle. I got that bad boy on Christmas Eve. Yes, I should have wished for world peace but hey there is always next year, right? This was a happy Mom. I knew at this point that all things are possible if you just believe. Now to figure out how to get UPS to deliver weight loss. Could it be a New Year's Miracle? Oh you're just skimming this email anyway. Probably just looking for some art. I could write a whole paragraph like this: blah, blah then some more stupid stuff, and blah, blah. You wouldn't even notice. And while searching for photos with your coffee mug in hand you will just think "wow that chick talks too much for me". Will you take photos from the new book? Hope you will. Look how far you have come. No sense in leaving now.


If you want to see the entire book with zooming too- go to my web site. While you are there check out the stamp of the month for Jan.

Here is a peaky... think flourish frames and sweet quotes
Want to see the four new kits? I'm in to granting wishes...

Yummy, yummy! And I got my order! ha,ha,ha,ha! (insert Dr. Evil laugh)

Yes, it's all wonderful for customers but for those who want to be their own best customer (insert the coupon that never expires) New consultants get this:

And have the option to buy (no there is nothing wrong with your eyes- that is 65% off):

I seriously want to re-sign up. They have told me no. Boo Hoo. But really if you enjoy these products- you can sign up for so little, buy whatever and whenever, never have to even see a customer unless you want to & stay an active consultant just buying from yourself. The new books coordinate with our quarter minimums (insert easy button) and there is tons of FREE training and instant new friends if want them. Plus our annual convention (3 days of non stop creative fun) is in July in our nation's capital. I have already signed up. I won't miss one.
If anything I've said today appeals to you- let me know. Even if it concerns school being back in session! I would love to hook a girl up!
Now I have to get going. I have a layout on the table that is screaming to get finished. I am using 2 -8x12 photos! I can't wait to show them to you.
OCD- out


Jill Myers said...

I love your ramblings. And I too, have OCD! My house is not clean or bare (read: excess new toys with nowhere to put them) and yet I am upstairs playing with all my new stuff... Thanks for your fun and inspirational blog. Keep 'em coming!

Tracey said...

Excuse me Jill Myers- are we twins? Seriously I looked at your profile- we both have 3 kids- husband for 10 years- love the same darn movies & the same darn music! I am certainly missing the big hair days (not the prep)I used to live in Ohio too! Are you stalking me? huh maybe I am stalking you... look out girl.

Melanie said...

I agree with Jill!! I so love reading your updates and seeing your artwork.
I am signed up for convention, too! Soooo excited!!!!

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