Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Nugget Box

This is my first attempt at a nugget box. I seriously cannot believe that I've never made one before- and I've made a lot of stuff...

I volunteer weekly in the library at Ethan's school and adore the 4 women who work there. I wanted to give them a little treat before Christmas so I thought- Chocolate! Everyone loves it!

So I headed to Sam's Club and bought that huge bag of chocolate nuggets- you know the one with like 400 pieces. It is such a better value than buying a small bag (justify the purchase). Yes, I realize I had only 4 boxes to make and each one had 6 pieces in it. Do the math sister, I came out on top.

I used CTMH papers & ribbon (Jingle Creative Basics Paper kit includes ribbon too) and those cute acrylic snowflakes from Heidi Swapp that I've had for nearly 8 years or so. You know you had them or still do. Do you have that issue like me? Buy something because it's "to die for cute" then refuse to use them because you are saving them for something special. Yeah- that's another "OCD" issue. (read post below for clarification) In this case "OCD" stands for:

O-Obsessive C-Collector D- Disorder Are you thinking "could I have that" Cut the poop- You DO! Just look around your crafting area. Read on for the cure.

First thing you do is go to Sam's Club and buy that huge bag of chocolate nuggets. Stay with me. Don't get in the car yet. You must put your shoes on first. Then you get your hands on one of those nugget box templates. There is a gal on SplitCoastStampers who was kind enough to make one in every size then kind enough to share the downloads with the world. Just type "nugget box" in the search bar and presto- there they are! Next thing you do- you pop a couple nuggets in your mouth. Chew. Roll your eyes into the back of your head. The medicine begins to work faster when your head and eyes roll back (trust me) then you break out the supplies. Yes, even the stuff you have been hording for half a century. More nuggets go into mouth. Repeat. Next step- hide the wrappers just in case your family decides to pop in on you. The children will smell the chocolate so try to do this while they are at school. By this time you feel great. You will now create the cutest ever nugget box by using those old supplies. Your purchase of those snowflake or "insert your item here" will be justified finally. So will your purchase of the chocolates. Think about it. Had you bought the small bag- you never would have had enough to make the nugget boxes. You would have to run back to the store, buy another small bag, then get back to repeating the medicine portion. The day is a waste by this time & you will have to turn your back on the boxes to start dinner.

I bet you are wondering if I have any of those nuggets left. Do you think I am some sort of pig? Of course I do. There are two sitting here in front of me. How about some trust, geeze Louise.

Tip of the day: Make someone happy! (insert song "Make someone happy- I prefer it sung by Barbara) Even if that someone is yourself! Buy a pallet of Chocolate Nuggets & share some love.



Melanie said...

You're cracking me up! My Hostess Clubs made the mini-pizza boxes...this is sort of what your nugget boxes look like; and, you're right they are SUPER EASY!

Valentine's coming up...better stock up on nuggets cuz now you have EVERYONE going to Sams to stock up on 'em!!!

Karen Pedersen said...

Gorgeous nugget boxes, friend. You have my mouth watering with need for nuggest and my eyes running due to excessive laughter. THANKS for the giggle this morning!

Tammy said...

You are definatly my soul sister!!!! You totally think the way I do and you just crack me up. One day.....Im coming over!!!

Tracey said...

Tammy- don't tease me! I am so lonely for friends that I just might offer you money at this point!

Carla said...

Great job on the nugget boxes!! And thanks for the laugh!! Your post was very entertaining!

Melissa Laverty said...

Hysterical post. But right on the money. I really should buy the warehouse sized bag. Between my nibbles and my DH raiding my stash, I never have enough to finish a project! Great work!

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