Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News "Mom declares war on Martha Stewart"

I've had it Martha! You and your cute, to die for boxed sets of punches! Don't you have any idea what you are doing to my wallet? You should be ashamed of yourself. I can't go into Walmart or Michael's or A C Moore without being tempted! The 16 punches I have are the last 16 punches I'm buying this week- I mean it!

I feel like I need therapy. I passed on the cute little cup of cocoa punch and it's haunting me. I can't live without it. Oh and the scallop set with the little embossed dot and all those loops and shells. Now where the hell did I put that 40% off coupon...

Seriously though- Stop it Martha! I am one of your biggest fans- stuck with you through the jail times and that weird thing with the Donald! I can't take anymore.

Ps. Martha- if by some "lottery winning" chance you see this, can I come work for you? Be on the show? Oprah and Rachel Ray give away free stuff all the time. Send a girl some free punches? Martha? Martha? Crap... back to the coupon.

Thanks for tuning in. If you've declared war on Martha, let me know. Misery loves company.
16 punches as of today


Crystal said...

lol...very funny!

my cup of tea said...

I only have 3 and cover my eyes when I walk by them at Walmart. now I have to go look for the ones you mentioned!

ScrapAddict'sAttic said...

I sooo don't allow myself to go down Martha's aisle.... it's just too dangerous! Stuff jumps in my baskets then at the checkout, I sound pretty stupid asking a package... "well, how did you get in there?" and "aren't you just the cutest?!" I commend you for taking a stand - atleast for today :-)

shannonmvt said...

I hear ya! Great post!

Sheila Bennett said...

lol - thanks for the chuckle. And now you have me wanting to go check out the punches. I haven't been to a craft store in ages, so haven't seen any of them.

Kelly Jo said...

FUnny Post. I also am unable to refrain from buying up the latest MS crafting supplies. MS be damned!! LOL

Melanie said...

TOO FUNNY! (Now must make trip to Michael's to see if I can find that ADORABLE peppermint punch...and you've peaked my curiosity re: cocoa punch.)

Anonymous said...

OK, this is seriously funny stuff!! I love Martha, and am not ashamed to say so. I have had a subscription to her magazine, tune in to her shows on TV when I can, and check out her crafts via the web every so often, too. She does have GREAT punches!! Enjoy and keep us posted as to any new and fabulous finds!! :) Kim

Superjaxster said...

I'm so with you! And the edge punches? Hello? How can you not buy every single one? They are too darned cute! Lucky for my my mom in law loves them too and buys them for me sometimes :) Yay for the world's bested mom in law!

Anonymous said...

I used to despise Martha but since she got out of jail she seems to have a better sense of humor! LOL I really enjoy watching her now :) I LOVE her punches too, this is the first time I've seen the peppermint one and I just HAVE to have it to go with the gingerbread house!

Have any of you watched Whatever Martha?? OMG, too funny!

Til said...

I'm Out, I'm Out, I do suffer from Martha Stewart Punches love. Can't take it anymore.....I am also addicted to her GLITTER!! OMGOSH have you seen the new TINSEL GLITTER??????TO DIE FOR!
If you hop over to my blog you'll see a card I used some green tinsel glitter on....I could eat the stuff! I just so happen to be going to Michaels today....think the DH won't notice if I don't buy groceries this month?????????????? LOL! CUte post.

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