Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And they searched for Moxie...

Everything today is Moxie. She has Moxie, Moxie websites, PaperCrafting Moxie, Moxie Blogs, Moxie chocolates- moxie, moxie, MOXIE!

What the heck is Moxie? I looked in Websters- no moxie! Then I went to Google. First thing I saw was- 'having guts or balls'. WOW! no wonder I don't have it! I've been wondering why I sit at my crafting desk and never come up with a project- it's because I don't have balls! Ok, just kidding- I have the guts part anyway. At this point you must be regretting reading this post. Is she going to say something worthwhile or post a photo with relevance, come on throw the dog a bone! Everything from this point forward is a true story- kinda.

Right before the males in the house got sick- and you thought I was just ignoring my blog- we The Mason's went on a search for Moxie. Not the chocolates. Those are at Target. I'm talking real Moxie from Maine. We set out on a cloudy, drizzily day camera in hand (within a plastic bag) and a car full of fattening snacks. (this is all the true stuff) We drove north and took a right turn right before hitting Quebec. (still true). We went to a town called The Forks (totally reminded me of Forks in Twilight until my husband called it Two Forks for some reason and ruined it for me) After he ran over Edward and I came back to reality we went on a little nature hike. The big guy said "Honey it's only .6 miles- it will be worth it". I thought .6 miles- that is nothin' (yeah right I almost died- still all true) Good thing we took our guide. He used his powers and channeled the Moxie for us- see pic

And Moxie was found and fun was had by all four Masons. True Story.

So kids, the moral of this story is: Moxie is all about having balls but I proved you can find Moxie even if you don't have balls. That my friends is Moxie-licous (If Fergie can make up words- so can I) And if you don't believe this lie is true, ask the blind man he saw it too!

Now go get some Moxie Girl cuz u fabulous-



Sheila Bennett said...

lol - we got a new kitten this summer and named her Moxie. When we were looking at the name, we found several references to an old soda pop too.

BTW, your photos are GORGEOUS! Looks like you had some wonderful scenery on your walk.

Crystal said...

Beautiful photos! My favorite place in the world is Moxie Java Coffee :P

Rosemary said...

You are hilarious! Between this one and the stuff about Martha Stewart Punches...I'm just cracking up!

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