Monday, March 9, 2009

My Accidental Book Club

This is a funny little story about me and my accidental book club. Let me paint the picture here. So far in this book club of mine (which started only a week ago) there is me- wife, mother, crafter & chief house cleaner age: knocking on 38's door. The other 3 members are all 18 or almost 18 and Seniors in High School. One of whom is my daughter, Whitney. The four of us (at the moment)- are in a Jane Austen Book Club. This is how the whole thing started.

10+ years ago, seriously stay with me, my husband made it very clear from the beginning of our relationship that he does not dig "chick flicks". So of all the movies we have rented and watched over the years, only about 5 have been "chick flicks" How I squeaked in 5 is beyond me. Now that he is spending 25+ days out of the month away from home in Maine, I am catching up sisters!

Last week I Netflixed "The Jane Austen Book Club". This is a cute movie about a bunch of friends, 2 who happen to be a mother & daughter (how ironic!) and one guy (yes, he is cute too) who all like Jane Austen and decide to have this book club. They all have these crazy life issues which add to the story line. Basically they read 6 novels, one a month and meet to discuss it. I sat down to watch this movie and Whitney joined me- which doesn't happen often since she is so busy and what 18yr old wants to spend time with her mother anyway? Well, we loved it. Whitney had seen it a while back but enjoyed it again. This story isn't over, keep reading. It might get better...

The next day, Whitney gets home all proud of herself because she was able to check out a bunch of Jane Austen books from the library. While she was gone (and not realizing what she was doing) I spent the morning online downloading FREE Jane Austen Ebooks to my Kindle. I ended up with all 6 from the movie. So we are to eager to tell eachother what we had done & were surprised to find that we both did it! That night we started with Persuasion and started talking about it. Yes, there is more...

We kept this up for a few days and loved every minute of it. Although, we got mad when one was further along than the other. This morning, Whitney informed me that she only had 30 pages left and I'd better get reading faster. Well I had to inform her that I stayed up till midnight reading (remember my husband is in Maine) and that I finished it! She actually got mad at me! hee-hee. After she calmed down she informed me that there are two more in the club. I didn't know we had a club! But here we are- 3 teens and an eight and thirty (that is how Jane says it). Our first official book is Emma even though 2 of us have read Persuasion (well Whitney has 30 pages left). Emma it is and I totally look forward to sharing my thoughts with 3 young girls who see the world differently.

Don't tell Whitney, I started Emma today even though I wasn't supposed to until she finished her 30 pages. ha-ha

There it is, the end of the story. Even though it is just the beginning of the book club. Maybe I will have more to share on this topic as the club progresses. I have to say that it is just as much fun as discussing the Twilight series with my 14yr old. We had so much in common, like how we were both in love with Edward!

Ps. I mentioned the Kindle. ( I love my Kindle and can't say enough good things about it. Everyone should have one. I give you permission to buy one.



Karen said...

Tracey, Tracey, Tracey! You really needed one more thing in your life to consume your time, didn't you? Seriously, I had so much fun reading your story and imagining the fun you will all have with this accidental book club. You will have to share your thoughts with me as well! -Karen

Stampin n da Hood said...

Tracey, Tracey, TRACEY!
I just laughed out loud at your "accidental book club"...even though my daughter and I are older than you and yours, we fell into the same time warp with books a while back!
Enjoy while you can...and yea girl, I wanna see the LAYOUT about it all!

Anonymous said...

Be careful, once you start reading Jane, she's addictive... you have to see the A&E Pride and Predjudice with Colin Firth as Mr. D'Arcy... ....sigh....

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