Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ladies, I give you- Beckham!

I feel it's my responsibility as a woman and a friend with a camera plus zoom lens to give you this gift. This is David Beckham. Famous Soccer player, husband of Victoria/Posh and underwear model. His team, LA Galaxy played my home team- The Columbus Crew (who is in first place & totally playoff bound) on Saturday here in Columbus.

It's not everyday that Columbus hosts a famed player like Beckham. The franchise went all out on this one. We had fireworks, skydivers, 22 thousand seats sold and good 'ol Gov Ted Strickland. Don't even ask what the parking was like! In the end, Mr. Beckham's beauty and fancy footwork weren't enough to handle The Crew! Score 1-0 The Crew!

Look at the sign! This crowd rocks- and they are very loyal. These are the people that come to every game- not just the Beckham kind of games. They don't need sky divers or fireworks, they just want to see their CREW! The kind of fans a team needs! Ps. I'm not talking about the blow up doll somewhere in that crowd either! LOL

So ladies, I give you Beckham but I also bid him a big Goodbye with a big CREW WHOMP!
Have a great day!


April F said...

Thank you Tracey!!! I love the Beckhams!!

(From NJ Memories Expo)

Bluett said...

Thanks so much Tracey!!!! Wow, we love Beckham, two of my boys play soccer so you know we talk about him all the time. Great for you that you get to watch him play, we haven't yet. Maybe soon.

Thanks, that a great picture.


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