Friday, November 28, 2008

You're Cool Beans...

I'm a bad blogger, but you're cool beans. LOL
My best friend from childhood, Shanna and I used to say this all the time. "Cool Beans" Of course that was before either one of us fell in love with coffee! This stamp set is from Gina K Designs. The set has some totally cool images that I feel in love with instantly.
Sorry for being such a drag in my blog world. I have news! My family and I are moving to Maine! My husband has been relocated with his company. We are actually very excited, having been to Maine several times. The kids and I won't go until the summer when they are out of school and my oldest graduates from High School. So we have some time to find a home and figure out where exactly we want to live. Until then, it's business as usual! If you are someone who lives in Maine, drop me a line - I would love some advice!
Ps. I promise to post more!
Have a great day,


Stampin n da Hood said...

Wow..pretty soon you'll be hob-nobbing with she-who-will-remain-nameless on Martha's Vineyard and be too good for us mear mortels...oh darn! I said her name! LOL!

Tracey Mason said...

Dear Miss N da Hood, why do you think we are moving there? Maybe I am already hob-nobbing??? Yeah, right! LOL

Seriously, we are so excited! Maine is beautiful.

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