Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ethan's gift to his Teacher

It's official, my son is now a 2nd grader! Don't they grow up fast? This fall, I will have 1 Senior, 1 Freshman and 1 2nd grader! What a mix! Ethan actually got emotional the other night over the whole leaving 1 st grade thing. He began to cry and say how much he is going to miss his classroom, teacher and friends. I just hugged him and tried to tell him that this is what life is all about and we all have to do it. Besides, you only have 2 months to live it up! The girls on the other hand, I did not have to console. They walk around with smiles on their faces and they seem to float across the floor. I remember those days. Go to bed late, wake up late, do nothing, hang at the pool, etc. I can almost hear Edith and Archie Bunker at the piano "Those were the daaaaaays".....

The last day of school for Ethan, well actually the last week of school was nothing but a party. Everyday, a special little treat or event. Now that I think about it, no wonder he is sad. They have been living it up! Anyway, the last day they had the "official party" and Ethan was able to present his gift, our gift to his teacher. He was so proud and I'm so glad I did it for him. This is what we gave her:

It's actually a spin off from a class I taught at one of the Memories Expo's here in Columbus. The shadow box itself is from Michael's and it's originally for sea shell collections! I just made it a school house. Now Ethan wants me to make him a "Zoo" one! They really are cute, and it goes without saying -She loved it! Beats the heck out of an apple!

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