Monday, June 16, 2008

It is so good to be home...

Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation? We just returned from a whirlwind vacation, touring Western Colorado & New Mexico. I don't think I slept for over 10 days and don't think the camera ever came off my face. I am still tired- but oh! you should see these photos! Heavens, this country of ours is down right beautiful! It should be mandatory that all Americans see this! I truly feel that if more people did see it, then we as a nation would do what it takes to preserve it. As we were traveling up this mountain, headed for a well known waterfall we came upon a lone beer can laying in the road. We couldn't believe that someone felt comfortable pitching it out the window. Needless to say we stopped and picked it up.

Do you know the statistics on how long it takes for trash to actually disintegrate? I don't think I paid much attention in the past. Don't get me wrong. I don't litter, I recycle anything I can and I don't like to waste food. But I never really knew the stats. What I now know makes me ill. Traveling back to New Mexico from Colorado we stopped in a little town called LakeCity. (Hi to the two very nice ladies at the Visitor's Center- like they would ever see this! ) lol We stopped at this vistors center, so grateful to see it- there ain't many places for a lady to go potty if you catch my drift. We ended up hanging out, chatting for a bit and perusing the flyers and brochures. While browsing I came across this paper that included these eye opening stats. It takes 5 or more years for an orange peel to disintegrate! Who knew? Sadly it takes 1 million years for a glass bottle and unbelievable as it is, plastic jugs NEVER disintegrate. Think about that next time you pitch stuff.

Enough of that depressing stuff. Want to hear some funny and yet not so funny stuff? Here is the little story of our Vacation Rental Vehicle. We had reserved ourselves the typical minivan. How nice for a family. My husband pulls a magic trick at the rental desk in NM and gets us a beautiful 2009 Nissan Armada! This thing is a beast with a whopping 6 miles on it. They took it off the hauler and parked in the Budget lot just for us. We load it down with 5 overpacked bags, pillows, blankets (cause you don't travel without those items)the camera bag and computer bag (yeah, this came in handy with zero internet the entire trip, but I did get to download photos)my purse, all the kids and their carry ons, ipods, the Garmin is hooked up and some books. My head is spinning. Just want to paint the picture for you- no surface left untouched in the Armada! Here is where the fun begins...
We are in the beast for a whole 30 minutes. The only thing on my mind is: Where in tarnations is a STARBUCKS! As my eyes are peeled- a huge rock flies up or down - hits the bleeping windsheild and cracks it! No, I'm not making this up. It takes my husband another 40 miles to calm down. After getting stuck in 3 yes- 3 patches of road work we are flying! Yes, if you are wondering I get the Starbucks. Some little town had one. We make it all the way to the out skirts of Ouray. Anyone been? It is the "Switzerland of America". The highway going into and then out of Ouray is called "The Million Dollar Highway". Dubbed this because it actually cost back in the day, one million dollars a mile to build. Switch back to switch back we go down, down the mountain. My oldest child who mind you, is watching a movie on this very laptop says "I need water". Ok, here is some water I say as I turn around to see her face struggling for air. Huh? What's wrong with you? She goes on to say, I don't feel so good. As she says that, we go onto the most dangerous stretch of the highway -not a place to stop unless you feel like meeting your maker. I'm thinking there is no way this child of 17 years will let er rip on my computer. No sooner do I think it, it happens. She lets her go on the puter and every place she can in the back seat. Down the side between the seat and window to the floor. This was once a real nice vehicle. We find a little place to stop and clean up best we can with the 3 napkins from the Starbucks visit- thanks Starbucks. Another 40 minutes till we arrive to Grama's, where unbeknownst to us, she has a housefull waiting for us with food. LOL No, the story doesn't end.
Two days later we head to Grama's cabin in the mountains- further up. Prepared with bags- but never a need the entire rest of the trip. First day there, we realize we have forgotten all the milk. How in the world did we forget the milk? It is an hours drive to the cabin. We make a list, since we realize there is so much more that has been left. My sister in law decides to drive Grama's car back down and retreive all the forgotten items. I love my sister in law. Best sister in law anyone can have. But I couldn't help but SCREAM when I looked out the window and saw her ram Grama's car into the front bumper of the ARMADA! Like I said, this used to be a real nice vehicle.
Over the next few days, the beast went up and down the mountains- plowing through snow- yes some areas had drifts 2 or 3 feet high in spots. She was completely covered in dirt and dust inside and out. We said goodbye to the cabin and on our way out they were treating the roads with some sticky nasty chemical compound that stuck to the beast and got all over us as we got in and out the entire day till we could find a car wash. Unreal.
We made it through the next couple of days without incident. As we were driving back to New Mexico for the return home we encountered a dust devil. Ever experienced one of those? I never have until that day. Don't care to encounter one ever again. Oh, they look harmless. Then it hits you. I am not lying, it threw rock and dirt into the right side of the ARMARDA and almost knocked us over. Unbelievable stuff. The end. We turned the beast in and didn't have to pay. Not yet anyway. But maybe things will work out? We put well over a thousand miles on it! Lucky for us, all the puke came out the first night after a good wash and vac. We polished the heck out of that front bumper- no dents- how lucky. The dirt devil damage we coudn't really tell since the overall vehicle was covered in dirt to begin with and that crack in the windshield? Well my husband couldn't stand to look at it with the sun glaring on it so he put some chapstick on it to dull it and it worked like a charm- actually it worked like a bug! LOL Couldn't see it. Don't ask me how he knew to do this. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
Well, I can't feel my legs so I will sign off and I'll get some photos ready to post!
Have a great vacation if your taking one soon! lol

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