Friday, May 30, 2008

TITLE CAUTION (unrelated topics) -Assume the position, David Cook, Mamma's gotta brand new toy...

I truly feel that the last week of school is the busiest time of the year. Totally beats Christmas in terms of events. Each kid has something every single day! Now, I have 3 kids! I am completely exhausted from going here and there and making side dishes, gifts, parties, field trips, concerts, banquets, etc. All I want to do is chill out, make a card or two, scrapbook and snuggle with a good book. Today I realized "oh my goodness, come Wednesday I am going to home all day with these crazy people!" Well at least the taxi service can shut down- just in time for gas prices- Thank you very much! In honor of the rising fuel costs, here's one for ya.

Oh, yes I almost forgot to mention. YOU GO DAVID COOK! I had been in his corner the entire show! I swore to my husband that I would not watch American Idol ever again if he was voted off. (Chris Daughtry flash back) I was serious! When he won, I was on my feet clapping! I cannot wait to buy his album- hurry up David Cook!
Don't mean to upset all you "Archie" fans! I think little David was super. Just not my kinda entertainment is all. I think the government should hire little David. He could just travel around spreading happiness or something. My friend Karen wants him as a pet. She could take him for walks and stuff. I think that's special, but then again- I might be someone you consider "special". Love ya Karen!
So Mamma's gotta brand new toy! Since I don't know how to function without a camera stuck to my face, thought it was time for a little upgrade. All I can say is WHOAAAA!!!

I am in love with this camera! I just can't believe the difference! Hopefully I will be able to share some really great stuff with you soon. We will be heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico & Colorado very soon. A photographer's dream! I still have alot to learn, but I'm so excited! Here are a couple shots, Enjoy!

Ps. I promise to try and be a better blogger from now on. But in my defense, last week my internet connection was messed up and I was cut off from the world. The only good thing that resulted from that was I was able to read "The Host" and finish it. Put it on your list girls... It's a goodie. Now I'm reading "Eat, Pray, Love". So far I really like it. I'm still in the Italy part of it. She is a crack up- Karen if you are reading this, She is 'butt cracking' me up! LOL

Ciao bella


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