Monday, January 10, 2011

My Camera Equipment...By Request

Currently in my bag:

Wish I had this:

Other Equipment I own:
Adobe Photoshop CS3

Books I Recommend:

Where I go to Learn more:
12 weeks to Better Photography- Free (great place to learn. With photo samples, easy to understand & has challenges for you)

Links to my Photography DIY projects:

Important things I've learned:
After you download all the photos off your flash card, don't delete. Format. This is found in the menu. Apparently deleting photos a few at a time leaves bits and piece of info on the card & over time can cause card corruption. Formatting the card erases all this left over junk. Just make sure you have the photos you want in your computer or hard drive first. 

VR lenses are great. BUT if you have your camera on a tripod- turn the VR off. You will cause blur not prevent it! Learned this the hard way!

If you do not have a cable release or wireless release- use your in camera timer! I did this recently when my wireless release battery died. Saved my photos!

I take hundreds and hundreds of photos. Most stink. Some are ok. A few are good. One or two are pretty darn good. I can't learn unless I make mistakes. I make a lot of mistakes! Just keep swimming, swimming...

When I shoot my artwork- I use my tripod! Eliminates shake/blur & makes your art appear nice & sharp. I never shoot my art inside without it. 

Speaking of shooting my Artwork. I love to use my 50 mm 1.8 lens. It's sharp & great for low light situations. I do use my 18-200 when I want to zoom in on details. I try to use the widest opening possible. I start at 1.8 and go up if I have to. This will blur your background. Check out that 12 week class link. You will learn everything about Apetures there. Zoom lens help blur the background as well. 

Ps. This post is also a page link up top, just in case you want to come back.
Happy Snapping Away!


Karen Pedersen said...

Great post, even though this novice didn't understand parts. That tells you what a novice I really am. I will refer back to this time and again as I learn to be as good as YOU with my camera. BTW, have I mentioned lately how much I love your new blog header? :)

Tammy Hall said...

Thanks for the great info Tracey. I appreciate all of it!!!!

Scrapjoy said...

You are so awesome - what a great post. I am with Karen -- don't understand all of it but it makes sense and hope to get there one day. Thanks for continuing to inspire and encourage!!

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