Monday, May 31, 2010

H2H Challenges #9 - We've gone Silly...

Well the Mason's have gone Silly anyway! More about that in a minute... Let's talk H2H shall we? This week's challenge is to use this sketch:

Not quite sure why that is blurry but I think you get the idea, right? Cool sketch! It has tons of potential I think! Since I've been creating cards for the challenges lately I decided to head into layout territory. Here is where the Silly comes in.

My Layout:

Yes, we have gone Ga-Ga for Silly Bands! They have taken over my son's life. He eats, sleeps & breathes Silly Bands. Silly Bands this, Silly Bands that! I cannot wait till it's over. Oh it will end. Just like Beanie Babies, Webkinz, Bakugans, etc... For now- we the parents are locked in the nightmare of finding, buying and crying. The only good news is they are cheap. You will spend more in gas running around finding them than what you will pay for them. Don't even ask what happens when one breaks because they do!

Getting back to this stinkin' cute layout. As you see I used the sketch sideways. All of the supplies are CTMH. The paper kit is the new Zippidee X7125B & the matching My Stickease X7125C (yellow border)

Other goodies used:
Black waxy flax
Bold Color-Ready Alphas X5750
Black ink
Simple Alpha Dim. Elements Z1047
Irresistibles Z1307
Pop Dots

Little Artistic Goodie that I've been doing a long time: To make the black stitch marks around the paper edges without using a sewing machine- Use a Pattern Marking Tool (think fabric stores in the notions dept). It is a smallish handled tool with a notched rotating end. Only way I can describe it. Run this over and over thru your black ink pad. Then over the cardstock. Keep re-inking between swipes- ink doesn't go far. Ps. That little tool is quite inexpensive. Maybe $1.95 at the most.
Here is a close up:

Hope this inspires you today! Maybe your little doodles are into Silly Bands & now you think you must make a layout for them. Or maybe your little doodles haven't found Silly Bands yet- you are now armed with the knowledge & can keep them locked up and Silly Band Free. Just say NO to Silly Bands & Hello to your Sanity!
What ever your situation, I am here with a solution! Cuz we be friends.
Have a great, Silly kind of day,


Mary said...

Hhehehe - "cuz we be friends" - made me laugh this morning. Glad my kids are past that age. Excellent layout!

Gretel said...

Beautiful layout. And here I thought I was the only one who uses a rotary wheel for scrapbooking. I've never inked mine, but rather use the slight impression for even hand stitching. It works especially well when doing circles. I gotta try inking it like you did though...thanks for the inspiration.

Jayma Malme said...

Such a cute layout! That paper is perfect. I had not heard of Silly Bands...glad to be in the loop now :) I'm sure when I have kids I will know more than I ever wanted about the latest trends.

Karen Pedersen said...

DARLING! Love the tip of the little stitch roller. Smarty pants!

Tammy said...

Love the layout. Nice tip about the rotary wheel. Going to the store to buy one today!!!!

Lorrinda said...

Love the layout! Too many of us scrap events, and miss these little bits that really mean more. Great memory to keep (even if you don't think so now)

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