Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Update & Sincere Thank yous...

Ladies, ladies! I have to say Thank You, Thank You for all your wonderful, inspiring messages filled with big girlfriend love on my birthday! Between this blog & Facebook- I am feeling some major LOVE! Yowzers! And yes- I got some big love from my family but I will get to that in a minute...

I loved all of your comments! They are actually worth you going back to that post and rereading them over. Seems we girls are in the same sinking boat at times! If you haven't experienced any of this yet, no fear your time is coming! You have something to look forward to! I especially got a kick out of Terri getting a surprise 40th bday party on her 39th bday from her husband who continually argued with Terri's mother (of all people who would know) over how old Terri really was! Priceless! Then poor Karen who got a hunting dog & gun one year from Dan the Man. Hmmm... wonder who that was really for? And what about poor Amy who got a pack of Corrona's and a video game? I would have taken the beer & kicked him to the curb. One six pack later you forgot all about him. Ps. did he even bring the limes? Then we have Lorrinda who got a pocket knife that she freaked over, then turns out she secretly loves it. I won't tell him! Oh it goes on and on. Men. Can't live with them, can't live without them! The sad thing is they actually think we are the ones with issues! How can it be when we even give them lists & tell them specifically what we want? Daim Bramage!

Even after all the Brain Damage, my man pulled it out! Yes sisters he did. Good man. Dat's a good boy, yes. This is how my day went...

7AM. I am still out like a light, slightly drooling. He flys out of the bed and announces the fact that we must get moving. "There is a LAPTOP to be purchased". Ok nothing gets my blood flowing or my mouth to start or stop (in this case) from drooling. My man is giving in and getting me that long overdue laptop. I showered like a mad woman who was conserving water. Then...

He made me breakfast. I am not lying. I got a gourmet pancake & sliced fruit. Next part blows me away. I didn't have to do the dishes. I almost had to but I hinted how nice it would be to NOT do the dishes then he did them. 2 plates & a pan, what a start! We did 90 miles an hour to Sam's Club down the street. lol where I finally picked the little sales slip up & actually got to keep it and take it to the register. Then shocker- he bought the 2 year warranty! Nicely done hunny. The whole time he is paying I couldn't help but think to myself how much I am going to PAY for this! You girls know what I mean...

Now here is where all you girls come in. Remember the Tree Trimming thing? Oh yes he brought home the new trimmer all right BUT mother nature did not like his plan! I think you girls were all praying for me and mother nature answered the call. Sunday was a different story.

Oh forgot to mention that after I came down for breakfast I had a card from the big guy AND a card & present from the kids! Say it ain't so? I did. My most favorite perfume. Viva La Juicy! Makes me smell purdy & now I have me a big o' bottle. This day ain't half bad!

Fast forward to the evening. I didn't have to cook. Another blessing. We had a very good frozen pasta thing from Sam's. One of those Bertolli things. Since we were going to the hockey game we opted for a quickish dinner. Sweet & barely any dishes.

Hockey Time! Several things happened here. First, the Pirates lost big time.  This only upset my son the only Hockey fan in the family. Sour Puss face the entire night. What really took the cake though was the constant fighting between the two kids. They ended up getting separated, which was the right move since someone was going to get it if you know what I mean! I even used the "It's my birthday now knock it off" on them, didn't work. They were allowed one soda to share plus they each got a treat to eat. 2 whole minutes after getting back to our seats Ethan hits the soda with his foot & spills the entire thing which sends my daughter into a frenzy. My kids are only allowed 1 soda each on the weekends. I don't believe in kids drinking sodas. So the spilled soda was a tragedy. They fought and fought. "He's touching me" "She won't share her cotton candy" "I can't believe you spilled that soda" "I don't want to sit next to her" on and on and on. My husband is in a "I can't believe I just bought her a computer stupor" and keeps his unfocused eyes on the game. I lose it and separate them. All is fine for a while until...

I spot this woman 2 rows down & over to the right who I swear was Sue Laufer from Hawaii's twin. I couldn't stop staring at her! Could it really be her? Why would she be in Maine? I think I missed the entire second half because I was staring at her & wondering if it was her! Ok, Sue Laufer is a CTMH consultant & a  big sweet heart.So I thought to myself, take her picture! That way I have proof. Well she must have caught me staring at her and just as I was thinking 'take the picture' she looked at me like this "Lady, if you keep looking at me I am going to call security". And right there I knew that wasn't Sue Laufer all the way from Hawaii. Then the Pirates lost bad. We left tired, sad and parched and all I could think about was my new laptop sitting there on the table.
The End... kinda. What happened next is between me and the buyer of the Laptop. Told you I would pay one way or another.

Once again, I thank all you lovely ladies who wished me a wonderful birtday full of laptops & no dishes or tree trimming. All my dreams came true, except Sue Laufer's twin. That almost ended real bad.

One year older and another year wiser,


Tammy said...

I can't stop laughing!!!!!!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh...tears in the eyes for real. The people in my office are looking at me!

Jeanie Burch said...

My sister always says "Men, can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em" LOL

Ava said...

Ahhh sounds like the perfect birthday to me! LOL I could tell you stories!! My BDay is Christmas Eve and it gets forgotten more often than not. Not so bad now that I've been 39 several times over! My favorite memory of birthday blunders made by my family is the one where I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some faux stained glass painting (I was determined to do something enjoyable besides cooking and gift-wrapping on my special day)when my husband began the popular game of "where are my car keys" because they were not hung up on the key rack like normal people's. After 20 minutes of his progressively louder and crankier searching ... he finally turned to me and said "would you get off your fat ass and help me find my keys!?!"
Now, before you throw the book at him ... he did not really mean that I had a 'fat ass' - I was a size 10 on my PMS days. He was using the term in a frustrated context. However that did not excuse him for this serious transgression. He apologized countless times. I could not believe he had said this to me, on my BIRTHDAY no less. Needless to say, the gifts he gave me that day, go unremembered. The meal we had, forgotten. But every so often, I do remind him of my fat-ass birthday and we laugh because he's never lived it down and certainly never made that mistake again!
Happy belated Birthday, Tracey!


Katy said...

Your recap is HILARIOUS!!! So glad you got your Laptop!!

Ranette said...

I love both of your birthday stories! My husband came in to check on me as I was laughing (which I don't do often enough). I read part of it to him as #50 is coming up in a couple of months & wouldn't want him to mess up. lol
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