Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everyone! What a splendid looking date {01-01-10} don't you agree?
Are you ready for a fresh start like I am? Of course I have most of the same resolutions as last year. Lose weight, get healthy, blah blah. I am giving it another shot but most of all I am glad to have another shot. I've thought quite a bit about who we lost last year. Seems like too many famous folk left us before their time should have run out. Sad stuff.

So I sit here with a grateful heart that I have another go at it, that my kids are all home, safe and healthy, that I have a nice comfy home to lounge in, great neighbors who had us over for a dinner party last night- gosh that was such a good time. A superman husband who is actually sleeping right now (grateful for that too-lol) grateful for that "System Restore" function on my computer that seems to have fixed the wormish bug that Internet Explorer presented me with this morning, awesome friends whom I wish I could spend more time with but since they live so far what is a girl to do, I am also grateful for my little box of new CTMH goodies that I ordered on Dec 18th but got a UPS notice of a Dec 29th delivery then it showed up on Christmas Eve- say it ain't so- that rocks! Grateful for those crazy, comfy slippers that Karen sent me (my family is having a field day with them- I refuse to tell what the big guy did last night with them)& the album too (which just saved me a weeks worth of work because I needed one done for Ethan's elf). I am also grateful for LuAnn back in Ohio who is really trying hard to sell our house. I have faith that it is going to happen soon. It is so much easier to go through life being positive. I think that is my top priority this new year. Staying positive & having gratitude even in the little things.

Cheers to a new year and all the blessings it brings!

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Karen Pedersen said...

Welcome back. We've missed you. SOOOO glad you liked the slippers and book. The slippers are my faves. I have a pair and they get worn EVERYWHERE! Really! Not just in the house. I wear them to the grocery store, the movies, and anywhere else that I can think of. They are made by Oobies and you can see more of their stuff at The company is owned by a couple of friends of mine. They are a hit around here. All of the high school girls wear them everywhere too. So what does that say about me? Maybe I need to grow up! I love your 'stay positive' resolution. I'm adapting it myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

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