Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scrappin in Vacationland!

Finally, I am crafting in Maine! What I had in Ohio was great. I had a really nice room with slat wall paneling and shelves for every embellishment. I could shut the door and forget about life for a while or teach classes without being interupted (well that never really worked) and I knew that things would stay put until I returned. But since we decided to move and knew with Whitney going off to college we really didn't need a big house anymore. So we downsized. With downsizing comes NO OFFICIAL CRAFT ROOM. Ok I LOVE not having 5 bathrooms to clean but no craft room poses a problem. I had to get creative with my new nook- get it? "Creative" Yes sometimes I crack myself up! Anyway here is my nook.
I now share space with the kids entertainment area in the basement. I wasn't thrilled with my only option- in the beginning. But I have to say I still feel like part of the house which was something I really missed. I did feel "locked in" in the Ohio room. It was great for teaching but I am not teaching here in Maine. Now I can watch over the kids while playing with my goodies, even watch tv myself after school starts. It does help that we have a walk out basement and quite a bit of natural light. Ok I love this the most. I didn't have one window in the Ohio room. I do not have a lot of storage space which is an issue. Funny- I have what I call the Harry Potter closet under the stairs where I can put extra stuff. After Whitney is in San Fran I am going to re-org and get more put away.

My solution was to get Ikea shelving units. Run don't walk to Ikea. ( They are inexpensive, easy to put together & strong. I already owned 3 Ikea tables, one with adjustable legs so I can stand and work. I bought 3 bookshelves and one cube unit with a space for a flat screen tv in the middle (I put my computer equip there). What I like the most about the bookshelves is that they are tall enough to hold the Cropper Hopper vertical paper holders and strong enough to put them all the way across. I still need to organize them according to theme and season. That will be a huge job. I am slowly re-organizing my embellishments too. I have gone to clear rubbermaid totes for my CTMH stamp sets. Of course- by color. I am currently searching for the best way to store the little things. I can't believe I own that many brads and things! Anyone else have this problem? Oh, that's not really a problem. All I can say is that there is a very fine line between mental illness and a hobby!
Today I started creating from the unbelievable new kit from CTMH - Everyday Celebrations. Ah what a nice kit to get FREE!!!!!! Details are coming soon!
Off to the lake tomorrow. Renting a pontoon boat for the day! This truly is Vacationland.


NancyJo said...

Tracey, I'm a CTMHer and follow your blog - where in SF is your daughter going? Mine moves into SFSU next week! We are from CA.

Stampin n da Hood said...

Whaddaya mean "not teaching" there????
I was going to sign up for your first class! haha!

Love your new space and you will too once you get your mojo going.

BTW: I see enough space for just one.more.Expedit from IKEA!

Ethan said...

Hi NancyJo! My daughter is heading off to the Acedemy of Art University to study animation. She is very excited!

Ethan said...

Terri, where do you see more Expedit space???? Trust me, If I could swing it- I would get it.

Ps. not sure why I keep showing up as "Ethan". His little kid blog is connected to mine so I only comment as him! lol

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