Thursday, May 21, 2009


That doesn't mean I'm a Kris hater. I actually like Kris. I think he is very talented. I just think Adam was more talented. I have to say, I wonder what would really happen if America got just one vote each. No redial. If you think about it, 100 million votes isn't 100 million people. It's little Lucy hitting redial 1000 times in a 2 hour period.
Anyway, I am not going to cry about it. And I will continue to watch the show. Reason being I almost stopped watching after the Chris Daughtry elimination. I would have missed out on David Cook and Adam. Two of my favs now. So best of luck to Kris and Adam.
This may have worked in Adam's favor anyway. Now he can sign with whom ever he chooses and his songs are up to him! I shall predict now that Simon Cowell picks him up and makes him even more of a super ROCK star!
Ps. My favorite moments last night are:
When my friend & neighbor Kara came out singing and then flashed her bikini body!
Then when Kiss came out- I lost it.
I also thought the Black Eyed Peas rocked! That Fergie is something!


Stampin n da Hood said...

your FRIEND and NEIGHBOR Kara???
Now you ARE my bestest friend!!

Tracey Mason said...

Yes, Terri- My Friend and Neighbor Kara! And seriously, our relationship will drastically improve when I finally meet her! LOL

She apparently has a house in Maine- Come June I will begin the Stalking...

Patricia said...

Tracey: You are a more devoted fan than me evidently. I was so hacked that I had "wasted" two hours for the final pick. After all this is a "SINGING" contest people. Kris is a nice little fellow, but for me dawg (as Randy says), he just doesn't have it. It pains me to look at him when he sings because it looks like he is in pain when singing. he always stretches his neck and I feel he is really just trying to get the notes right. Now Adam, not that I agree with his lifestyle, is soooooo talented. His, Alyson, and Danny's were the only songs that I downloaded to my IPod. I so wanted those as a threesome. Adam was robbed. I truly think it wasn't that Kris won, it was people voting against Adam and his lifestyle and gothic "stuff". But the best singer did not win!!!! I turned off the tv, did NOT watch Kris sing the final song and said I'll never watch it again!!!!! Kinda feel like that with Dancing With the Stars too. Well we'll see what happens next season as to what I will really do. LOL Also I though Kara rocked. I never knew she had such a wonderful voice. She blew BG out of the water!!!! Pat Jaynes

Tracey Mason said...

I agree Pat. Kris reminds me of John Mayer when he sings too. People need to get over the Goth & Gayness already.

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