Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember those who served...

John Longo WWII Circa 1942
This fine looking man is my Grandfather. Grandpa Longo physically survived the war but like most veterans he paid a price. Constant memories of the worst of times. Grandpa was captured by the German army in the Black Forest. He was kept in a hole for months. I don't know anymore of the story. Grandpa would only tell a few select men in his life what truly happened. To this day, my Grandmother doesn't know the truth. Maybe it's better that way.
This is part is well known. Great Grandma Longo- Grandpa Longo's mother locked herself in her room while he was a POW. She only left her room to bathe and eat. She spent the other 23 hours in her room praying and sleeping. It's been passed down that she entered her room with black hair and 9 months later (approx) she left the room completely gray. Upon exiting her room all them months later she told her family that her son was coming home because a bird landed on her window sill and told her so. That day they received word from the Army that he was indeed safe and with American troops.
Faith or Miracle? How about both?
I am proud to say he is my Grandfather and I am so proud of the men and women who serve today. We Americans will never forget. God bless you all.

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