Friday, April 10, 2009

My Birthday, Part Deux

FYI: If you are remotely interested in this story- go back one post it may make more sense. Yikes-no comment.

Look at how I clean up! I am telling you, I even look hot to myself. Gosh a few hours in front of the mirror and this is what I get. God bess America, Sephora & Victoria Secrets.

What's that? I can't believe you are suggesting that! You are saying that I am lying? That is not me? Oh the nerve, I thought you were my friend! Looks like me doesn't it? A little? Maybe a fraction? Oh like maybe if I were 18, but I'm 38 today. Crap. You caught me. This is really Whitney, my daughter. Yeah, she's cute.

But this is the real me. Honestly. Caitlyn just took the picture. No I didn't photoshop it. I didn't have time. This is what 2 hours in front of the mirror gets me. I even painted my toe nails. Ah, I couldn't breathe or see what I was doing so nobody look at them. Karen I really could have used you!
Off to get my honey,


Karen said...

Definitely hot. The big guy will be so excited to see you!

Stampin n da Hood said...

You look MAHV-elous!

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