Monday, July 28, 2008

Convention Time=Crazy Time...

As a CTMH consultant we have the opportunity to attend the event of the year (well, every other year now). It is our Convention. Thousands of obsessed ladies and gentleman- have to be correct now getting together in one placed, learning from each other, sharing artwork, tips, business practices, meals, tears, hugs, stories, and best of all we get our hands on the brand spankin' new CTMH Winter Idea Book! After I attended my first Convention in Portland, Oregon over 5 years ago I told myself, "self, never miss a convention". So I haven't. I really look forward to going and seeing old friends and meeting new friends too. I am lucky enough to be one of the chosen few who get to teach at an event we call Extravaganza! This is my 4th convention as a "Teacher". My first year, I went as an observer and thought "I can do that!" So I have been doing it. Every Convention year, I half kill myself preparing for my class. This year was no exception- hence the reason for being a 'Bad Blogger'. Something had to give my friends, so the blog gave (course so did the laundry and the cooking and just about everything else). But I'm proud to say that I have gotten it all done! Including the 'special' gifts that I have made for some special friends. Finished it all up today and good thing- I leave tomorrow! LOL Now all I have to do is pack! Awesome!

One of the perks of being an Extravaganza teacher is I get my hands on BRAND SPANKIN' NEW PRODUCT! You gals are going to flip! This new stuff will knock your socks off! I cannot wait to show it off. Too bad I had to sign that 'confidentiality agreement' or I would have been very tempted! But I can show it off as soon as the new book is released on Thursday! Yeppers! HOT STUFF COMING YOUR WAY...

More great news, I am teaching again at the Memories Scrapbook Expo in Lakeland Florida in September! Check out my classes and sign up already!

On a more personal note: We bought my daughter a car! She is 17 and in the process of getting her license. Now with this said, if you see a light brown 2000 Saturn on the road with the famous 'Student Driver' sticker- GET OUT OF HER WAY! LOL I am totally freaking out. The first thing she said was "Mom, do you think they make Tigger Floor mats?" yeah, not at all worried about how she will afford gas, but tricked out Disney floor mats. Anyone know? Sounds like a great Bday gift.

Calling all Twilight Fans- You must know the 4th book is available on Aug 2nd! I can't wait- mine is coming through Amazon! Will Bella leave the human life behind? Ah, I can't stand it!

Off to pack and party with my 2ooo or so partners in crafting crime!
Happy Crafting,

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