Friday, May 2, 2008

Take your Child To Work Day.....

How does one spend this day with their child -when they do not work outside of the home? This is how Caitlyn and I spent our day. We went shopping, had lunch, went to the park and took a bunch of photos, finished it off with a tour of the local guitar store. Then after all the excitement was over, I spent the next half hour explaining to Caitlyn that this is not how I spend my days-LOL This is not how I make my money -LOL In my defense, my work was complete. Since I work a few months out, there simply wasn't much to do that day.

But the day was fabulous, not because I showed Caitlyn a good time- hey lunch at La Chataline is tops- specially when you get a treat at the end, but because we were together- her and I. Being, together, not just breathing in the same room together. Actually being. Yes, deep! But Good Deep. I would like to add that she thinks I'm weird. I don't care. Someday when she "becomes weird' she will look back on it and think how cool that was.

My question for you today is, When was the last time you spent time with your child in that way, Being together? Did they think you were weird too? Don't lie. If you can't remember when, then it's now time. Time to show your child a good, weird time.

Enjoy the photos and enjoy your weekend,

ps. Yes, thanks to Pioneer Woman, I really 'screwed' with these photos in PS.

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