Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Studio Lighting+Prom=Better Photos.......

So I've been wanting to get my own little lighting set up for quite sometime now. Did a bunch of research, most of it I didn't even understand then pulled some money off the money tree (yeah right) and splurged! After spending a "house payment" on Whitney's senior photos and knowing I have two more coming up in the future- I thought "I can do that, at least most of it". Time to get started.

I ended up with an Interfit EX150 studio kit. In my research online and in books, I realized that I had to have a Softbox. Scott Kelby told me so in his handy book. Thanks Scott, you were right -not that I ever doubted you though. Your softbox is the main light then fill in with an umbrella light- then go from there. Since I am just a beginner, I chose this kit. It comes with both plus I have a reflector pack. cool stuff.

This is a shot of my make shift studio. I already know I have to move it. I have the jet black paper background over the sliding door in my guest bedroom- but those pesky curtain hold backs are making it stick out -visable in the shots. Lesson learned. I do have alot to learn as far as the set up and power of the lights, but since PROM was yesterday- I hooked her up and gave it a shot! I am seriously pleased with my first attempt. Below are shots of the set up and then some samples. I obviously need to work on getting the kids to look in one spot too. But in their defense, they didn't know where to look because there were 4 sets of parents all armed with cameras!

Ps. I also bought some cheap props but those are for future use.

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