Friday, February 29, 2008

RanDUMB Beliefs............

I have so much swimming around in my mind. I feel the need to express myself, are you scared?
I will do this like the boys from the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" You know, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the CableGuy and Ron White. Way too funny. They do this skit at the end called:
"I Believe"

So here we go...
"I Believe" that the more art supplies I buy the more fun I get, not to mention sexier and thinner. How's that for an excuse?
"I Believe" in supporting your schools. Our children's education is the most important thing ever! Vote yes for your levy, I am.

"I Believe" that I should not have to register as a Democrat or a Rebublican or an Independent. I believe in the category: "Confused"

"I Believe" in enough of Winter already.
"I Believe" in Oprah's book club. Although deep reading at times, I just keep swimming (think of Finding Nemo)

"I Believe" I cannot live without XM Radio. This was not the case until my new car came with a Free Trial Period! From Comedy to Oprah and Friends to the Weather Channel to Fox News, etc. I'm hooked. You may on occasion see me sitting in my car in the driveway for no apparent reason. Note: this is the reason.

"I Believe" if a woman cleans her own house- no matter how big it is, has the right to tell every single person she comes in contact with. But I also believe if she doesn't clean her own house I have the right to tell her how jealous I am.

"I Believe" in expressing gratitude for things even if the person you are thanking will never know you are thanking them. Still with me? I have a list of people to thank. In no particular order.

1. Rachely Ray- Thank you for your 30 minute meals! Even the ones that are not 30 minutes or that are but I just can't do it in 30. My family has been saved by your magazine. We struggle everyday with a dinner menu. For 3 weeks now we have picked out 4 of your meals and shopped once for all of them. Everyone knows what we are having and the other nights are flexible. One night is definately for Mexican at our fav place. Sunday is for Martin's famous Ribeyes. The last night is the only night to figure out- but hey it's better than 5! I would also like to add here that the meals are very 'doable' and absolutely fantastic! The kids are very impressed.

2. Whomever made this plate and the idea of writing on it. This kind of goes with #1. "what's for dinner " is what I hear everyday all day long and starts as early as 7am continues when the husband calls at lunchtime to check in, then picks back up as each child comes home from school. This was my solution and it has the entire family excited. Everyone knows what we are having and they all want to write it! This photo I snapped after the 6yr old wrote our dinner plans. These are the little things I live for. sniff, sniff.

3. Oprah. Enough said.

4. The makers of the Swifter cleaning products. Simplier and Faster. Those two go together.

5. Starbucks. Thanks for your caffeine. My hands are shaking out of control and I can't think straight until about noon, but thanks!

6. My DVR. One hour programs are cut in half and I couldn't be happier.

7. My Husband. For being you, putting up with me and for buying me 2 years worth of that XM Radio.

This was fun, there is so much more but it will have to wait. I think I will do this at least once a month. "I Believe" I will.

Ok, one more.

"I Believe" in sharing. Here's a card I made yesterday, see I have more time to play now that my meals only take 30 minutes!

Enjoy your day and feel free to share your beliefs with me. I Believe it will make you feel good.

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Stampin n da Hood said...

can I just say, "ditto" to all of the above...
LOVE the bella!

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