Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hey Dum Dum, I need Gum Gum.....

Who knew gum was so much fun? Don't you just love that movie, Night at the Museum? It's a big fav with the little man.
So found these not so kid friendly packs at Dick Blick art supply store where I dropped some bones on stuff I hope I use someday! Oh, please like you never did it!
If all else fails, I can eat the gum - if it doesn't taste like crap.

Know what these are? Oh yeah baby, that would be my latest Bella installment. Just call me Broke-a-Bella!
I have a disease. It's called. "Girl has to have it all" I will not sleep till I own everything. note to self- don't tell husband.


Tracy said...

She really should make one called Broke-a-Bella shouldn't she! :P

Stampin n da Hood said...

AND one that is called "scrap-a-bella"...
uh duh!

I hate that you have more than me!

Tracey Mason said...

And a sewing Bella! That would be fun!

Ps. Terri, I hate that you're cuter than me! lol

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