Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Midnight Summer's..... Dream or Nightmare?

Tuesday was Parent Night at the High School for the play- Midnight Summer's Dream- done Disco Style my friends! I have to say it was 'Hair-larious'. Whitney is "Pease Blossom" while Brandon, her boyfriend is "Oberon" the Fairy King- yes, my husband is having a ball with that one.
Let me paint the picture for you. Shakespeare, which not a soul understands anyway done with bell bottoms, bean bags, disco balls, and big hair. Neat stuff. The music rocked and the dancing was super! My issue or 'nightmare' was my husband. He was miserable to say the least. Countless times he checked his watch and rolled his eyes. He had absolutely no idea what was taking place and why it was happening. He actually said, "this isn't a dream it's a nightmare". The only time he expressed any interest was when "Play that funky music white boy" came on. He almost sprang into the air and started dancing. Good thing we were in the last row of seats! lol

Needless to say, I will be attending another performance by myself. I don't mind really. The kids worked very hard and it's very entertaining. Got the whole thing on video of course!

Enjoy the photos!

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