Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time to CONFESS and what I have been up to.....

I totally forgot my login info for this blog! My only excuse is: I'm human. Does anyone read this anyway? Well I know Tresa Black does- she has 'tagged' me. I guess now I have to reveal secret stuff about me so the other 1 or 2 people who read this will get a good laugh! Now that I know my login (and have written it down) I will post about my juicy past next.

If you are wondering what I have been up to since my last post (has it really been since April?) I have been taking a break from papercrafting and my CTMH business. I truly believe that we need to take breaks. Our minds and bodies need it. I worked so hard with the last two Scrapbook Expos that I felt my family deserved to see me. Last year was an amazing year for my business and my designing for Papercrafts and Stampit. I am overjoyed and thankful for my success. I am also quite sure my family is sick of me now that it's September. The kids are back in school and if you are wondering, Whitney is a Junior, Caitlyn is in 8th grade and the 'not' so little man is in 1st grade! Yes that means I have one learning to drive while another is learning how to tie his shoes. Don't get started on Caitlyn's new hair style either. WOW! Looks 5 years older- not cool. Total emotional rollercoaster. How do I keep sane? Well, I started running in the mornings after the bus leaves. I am 2 weeks in and there is no stopping me. I feel great! Then I cleaned out my studio. Nothing like re-arranging things. I feel so pumped to get started on crafting again! What does this mean?

It means I am getting started again. I absolutely love to teach! I am thrilled to announce that I am teaching at the Memories Scrapbook Expo in Orlando in November! I have 4 'amazing' classes. Expos are so fun, if you have the chance to go you had better do it. There is nothing like 5000 people over 2 days time, doing what makes them happy. The atmosphere is pure energy and excitement. All the shopping, classes, fun, eating, hanging with friends, cropping and more. I just can't say enough! Visit the web site for info plus you can view the classes I'm teaching. www.memoriesexpo.com then click on the Orlando show.

Oh, we also had a visitor in our home for over 3 weeks. The ever so lovely Celine stayed with us. Celine is from Paris, France. She met Whitney last year when Whit went on the France trip with school. Whit stayed with Celine and her family for a week. She fell head over heels for this beautiful family so we invited Celine to stay with us this summer. What an experience this was for our family and for theirs! Needless to say, we became attached. Yes, I could cry now just writing this. The innocence of the American Culture was unbelievable. She brought a magazine from France that depicted the American Lifestyle. How wrong they have it. This mag showed us Americans, overweight, lazy, eating a platter of cheesburgers, political issues, you name it. Oh, she was also under the impression that we allow students to bring guns to school! Can you believe that? So we worked very hard to show her that that is NOT what America is all about!
Needless to say, she left NOT wanting to leave! She was the last person on the plane, sobbing and all they made her get on. I have never experienced this before. The things we are so used to and don't even notice are the things she found amazing. If you ever have the chance to host a foreign exchange student, I highly recommend it. Things we did:
Went to Amish Country
Went to the Indian Caverns
Went to Myrtle Beach for the week - same week as Donna Downey- oh boy I was looking for her too! Stalker!!!
We also took her to many restaurants -things she had never experienced before like: a hot dog, a Krispy Kreme, Japanese Steakhouse, Handles ice cream, The Mexican Joint (that is just what we call it)
We also took her to the water park, Magic Mountain, Shopping, The High school football game, to the schools and more.

All of this was incredible. Ok, I had better stop- I may cry. But happy tears!

Today I found out that I won Susan's stamps from her blog! YEAH BABY! Feeling like a winner! I am going to play the lottery too! They say you can't win if you do not play!

Well, I'm sure I have bored you enough. I need to save some steam for the next blog- my secrets! And yes, I promise to keep this baby updated!

Ps. Today is the first day of the HUGE SPECIAL AT CLOSE TO MY HEART. You must go to my web site. You can earn a free card kit in addition to that fabulous Stamp of the Month set. It is incredible! The new Fall Catalog is now out too! So many new and inspiring supplies! I am freaking to see the UPS man drive down the street! Did you know I can hear him at least a mile away? Trust me and we are on a first name basis. His wife scrapbooks! LOL

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Stampin n da Hood said...

I just have to let you know 2 things..
YES! I read your Blog! Tresa's not the only one!
I'll try to comment now and then just to motivate you (if that would help!)

About the FES (foreign exchange students)...
You may not have known, but 2 weeks after my daughter graduated, she left for a YEAR to Sweden. And many people she met (kids) asked the same thing..."how many different guns do you own?" What is this about our culture that would create such an inane reputation??!!
and the heartbreak she felt when she had to come home...*sigh* she sure didn't cry that hard when she left here! LOL!
It's an experience ALL kids should be able to experience for sure!

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