Friday, December 3, 2010

What makes your skirt fly up?

I so love that expression, What makes your skirt fly up? I hear it a lot since I frequently stalk The Pioneer Woman site. She and I are best friends only she doesn't know it yet. Well she says that quite often & when she does I really know that she likes something.

So I was out yesterday to the Maine Mall with my gal pal, Cec. Yep. The Maine Mall. Only mall in Maine. So I guess it's the main or Maine mall for real! Anyway, Cec and I were trying on clothes and such when she said to me, "Nope that one didn't make my skirt fly up". I thought to myself, hey you sound just like my best friend Ree. I didn't say it out loud. I didn't want anyone to take me to that place with all the white straight jackets. Oh and there's that Stalking Charge thing now for celebrities & such. Don't feel like making the Maine news if you know what I mean. Local woman to blame for The Pioneer Woman's cancellation of her latest Book Signing Tour at the Maine Mall... 

Yeah, stayed quiet and began to think. What makes my skirt fly up? Well I'll tell you what is blowing my skirt up at the moment. And Yes. I told you all of that above just to tell you this below. 

You know I loves my camera right? It's like a 4th child. It goes where ever I go. I love it. But seriously. I am no pro. I am still learning the basics and I have a thirst for knowledge and expensive camera equipment like you wouldn't believe. That thirst takes me to the web where I stalk more of my best friends, like this gal I am about to tell you about. Don't know how I found her. Just glad I did. She is stinkin' talented. Well she has her own photography thing going and she sells actions for Photoshop & other goodies too. And it just so happens that she is generous on top of being pretty & talented. She is giving away a mega prize package on her blog! You have to check it out. Now. The gig is up at midnight tonight. I WANT TO WIN IT. But I'd be happy to see you win it. I might kick the wall and scream but I'd be happy for you. We are friends after all, right? So just go check this out, huh?

Edited Post: Seems I'm a winner after all kids! I won a $30 PTM gift certificate! Awesome! 

If you loves your camera too, you will love this blog and it just might make your skirt fly up! Who doesn't need that? 
See ya later chickas!


Debbie Carriere said...

Your posts always make me laugh!! I was at a shopping center in Lewiston recently, & the sign said Mall - I wasn't so sure! I'll have to check out the Maine Mall next time :)

Karen Pedersen said...

This post is EXACTLY why I value our friendship to much. You make me laugh, you are never afraid to just 'be yourself' and even though you are talented beyond belief, you are not afraid to share the talent of others. I love ya, girlfriend. Don't worry, not in a weird way (tell Martin, it's not 'special').

Stampin n da Hood said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean…being that I am PW's other BFF!
and MM makes my skirt fly waaay up!

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