Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tales from the Pumpkin Regatta...

A Pumpkin Regatta? Is there such a thing? Yes my friends there is. I never would have believed it myself. Until I saw it with my own eyes. Pictures? Would I let you down? Come on. We're friends.

Welcome to Damariscotta Maine. Home of the Pumpkin Festival & Pumpkin Regatta. Also home to a couple yummy restaurants and a place to get a cute purse. If you ever get to Maine and are planning a trip to Pemaquid Lighthouse, you should stop here first. Way too cute. Hey I should work for the Damariscotta Tourism folks.

Here was the scene. 
This is the "Riv-ah"

Millions of Main-ahs. Ok just hundreds & some leaf peeping out of staters
Here is where it gets interesting. Not only is there a "largest pumpkin" contest but there were HUGE pumpkins everywhere that local artists took time to carve, decorate, paint & whatnot just for my photographing freakness.
Call me...Pumpkin Paparazzi

                               These are our friends from Ohio, the Looneys. Not like Looney Tunes. Well then again...

I thought of my friend Marty when I took this one.
Save the Ta-Tas!
                                                                                Oh look even the Dems took part!
My personal favorite. Looks like me first thing in the morning.

                                                                                  True Statement. Books are Magic!
Not sure I understand this one. It's like Pilsbury Dough Boy meets Serial Killer. But hey it's not my pumkin.

Now for the largest pumpkin contest. Here are the two losers.

And the winner! A state record!
How does one grow a 1471 lb pumpkin? I don't know. But it's definately cool.

The Main(e) Event: The Pumkin Regatta
Know what a Regatta is? Sure you do. It's a race with boats or ships. Well a pumkin regatta is a race with pumpkins. Er. What? Yes. A race with pumpkins. Pumpkins so big they are hollowed out and can support the weight of a person in the water then you race! OMG. Here are the photos to prove it. 

The Modified Pumpkin. Def: large pumpkin; pimped or not pimped without motor (yes motor). User must use paddles.

Super Modified Pumpkin. Def: Large pumpkin, pimped or not pimped with a MOTOR. Yes. A MOTOR.
And the winner is:

I thought he was sinking but not so. His vessel was a pimped out pumpkin named Mexicali Blues.

And here are my two, cute Pediatric Peddlers. Ps. They didn't win.
Off to recover from this super long blog post.


Amy said...

What great pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. The creativity is astounding!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your most
wonderful area of America. It looks like a great place to live.

Karen Pedersen said...

What fun! I have missed you. Your blog posts (especially the journaling part) always make me smile.

Stampin n da Hood said...

ohemgee! you DO seem to find the fun wherever you go, T!
Awesome pics…what an event!

Stampin n da Hood said...

ohemgee! you DO seem to find the fun wherever you go, T!
Awesome pics…what an event!

Michelle Nist said...

All I can say is WOW! My kids sure enjoyed seeing these - thanks for taking and sharing so many great photos!!

Tammy Hall said...

Now that is some fun stuff!!!! I never thought pumpkins could float in the water!!!! It's a great place that you live. So picturesque

Amy said...

Wow I have seen it all now. We have a huge Pumpkin Festival but this Regatta puts ours to shame. Love this whole post. :) I must put this on m my to do list.

busybee43338 said...

Oh my goodness Tracey! I would never have believed a pumpkin regatta. I showed my students these photos and they couldn't believe it. And yes they loved the beehive and bee pumpkin! Guess I know what I'm going to make my pumpkin this year!

shanna said...

Thanks for sharing !! You took GREAT Pictures.I Love looking !!! Greeting From IOWA ..

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