Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say it ain't SNOW...

Winter in Maine finally arrived. Two days ago it was 68 degrees- the entire day. No coat, no boots, no gloves, no sign of winter. Then this...

Look how beautiful 3 inches can be. We were so excited. The big guy started up the snow thrower, Ethan got on his new coat, boots and snow pants- I got on my camera. Sick, sick paparazzi mama, I know. Couldn't help myself. I am no pro but darn that sky looks good baby! That my friends is something called a Polarizing Filter. This filter screws onto the front of your lens. It's used to reduce unwanted reflections from glass and water plus it increased the contrast and saturation of blue skies and white clouds. Neat stuff!

We are supposed to have 2 or 3 more days of snow here so I am planning a trip to Portland Head Light. I can't wait to see the prettiest lighthouse in the world covered with snow.



Sheila Bennett said...

Beautiful photos! Everything just looks so peaceful.

Shanna Barton said...

Love the Pictures, the front of the Home is Beautiful Love and Miss you Shanna

Melanie said...

Love these photos... they are oozing the feel of Christmas! Question about the polarizing filter... do you use a circular polarizer or regular polarizing filter?

Tracey said...

Melanie- I use a circular polarizer. I do think I need a neutral density filter as well.

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