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Elf Capades...

Heard of "Elf on the Shelf"? I've only known about this concept for 2 years with this Christmas being my 3rd. If you have not heard of this you had better check it out. If you have youngin's who believe hint, hint you really need to see this. The idea is spreading like wild fire and you might get caught off guard like I was just a short time ago. I was put on the spot by a 6 year old who spent a couple days totally devastated which in turn messed up his mother. Sad, sad. This mom didn't know about visiting Elves. All it took was one other child in his class to get an Elf and craziness took over. So friends, I am posting this for your sake. Just in case your child comes home from school or a friends home asking when his or her Elf is going to come.

This is how things played out at my house just 2 years ago. (Just picture me this whole time thinking "What the heck" and that strange look on my face) My little man comes home from school talking about how Zach, his bud brought in his Elf to school. The little doll spent the day at school being passed around and falling into Elf Mischief. He said "Mama- Zach wrote Santa a letter asking for an Elf to come live at his house until Christmas and Santa sent him one"!!!!! "Mama I'm writing Santa a letter right now- I want an Elf too Mama"!!!!! "Mama I can't wait until tomorrow morning when my Elf gets here- oh Mama this is going to be the best Christmas ever, I love you Mama, yeah- yeah - I'm getting an Elf too"!!! He spent the rest of the day writing a letter and dancing around the house singing. I spent the rest of the day freaking out and wondering if I should call Zach's mom and give her the business. Instead I hit the internet. Here is what I found.

There are many different ways to go about having a visiting Elf sent from Santa. But here are the basics:

1. Your child writes a letter to Santa asking for an Elf.

2. The Elf arrives approx. Dec 1st. (Some arrive after Thanksgiving- if you have the energy) and stays until Christmas. The Elf hitches a ride back to the North Pole with Santa when your presents are delivered.

Here is where things get interesting.

3. The Elf may arrive with a letter announcing him, a passport, a mailbox (to write Santa) and what ever else is dreamt up.

4. The Elves are always up to no good. I don't mean -bad. I mean total Mischief. Getting into something new every night while the house is asleep! He usually gets caught in the act in the morning by the child after being found. It is the child's job to inform Santa of the Elf Capades!

5. This goes on and on every single night until Christmas.

6. Depending on your Elf He might get into things while your child is at school too! lol

Things to keep in mind:

-The Elf changes every year. Mandatory.

-It is difficult to find an Elf -catch my drift Moms? (they come in all sizes and you can find them in the strangest places -like on a discount wreath at the craft store- yep got mine already)

-You will wrack your brain day after day coming up with Mischief.

-You need to prepare for the arrival (all the goods that arrive with the Elf).

-Elves have very cool -different kinds of names. (samples can be found on the net)

-Never, ever forget one night to put the Elf in it's place of mischief. Emergency Tip: All you have to say is that the Elf must have done something so secretive that you have to work very hard at finding out what he did. While the child is looking - do something quick behind their back. Trust me- it worked.

-Always take a photo (this you will not regret)

-Prepare yourself for other Mom's that WILL CALL.

-Prepare yourself for your child's sadness in seeing him or her say goodbye on Christmas Eve.

-Don't forget to find a box the day before and hide the Elf and all his stuff the night of Christmas Eve. If you forget this step you are seriously in trouble.

-Last but not least- Prepare yourself for a truly magical Christmas. You only have a few short years in this "Believe" stage. This is a very hard job for a Mom- but the reward is a hundred times greater! I am serious. Remember- get your older kids(teens are good here) involved and maybe that husband of your yours (but always double check them).

I have a great album to show you. It's an acrylic album from CTMH. I documented the entire thing in this album and it includes pockets for the letters back and forth to Santa. My son loves looking at it! Note: This album is a bit on the small side, meaning content. Remember when I said I was caught off guard with the whole concept? Well- he came to me on Dec 11th asking for an Elf. After all the research and trips to at least a 100 stores I finally had the Elf show on the 16th. Those 5 days between though were terrible for Ethan. "Why won't Santa send me an Elf Mama?" I could cry now thinking about it. Rest assured sisters- I am so on top of it now!

I have tons of ideas for you as well. But I will save them for another post. Without further ado- I am pleased to introduce:

Percy Peppermint

As you can see- Percy Peppermint ROCKS!
Look for that slideshow album in the next post.


Sheila Bennett said...

What a super cute idea and incredible way for your son to enjoy Christmas. Sounds like a wonderful tradition. I've never hard of this before. Think my 17 year old and 19 year old kids will "believe" and get into the spirit? lol

Anonymous said...

We discovered elf on a shelf 3 yrs ago as well. Our elf is named Bernard...he's our own elf...the same one every year! One year he went joy riding in my Denali. As we found him buckled up in my driver seat parked outside of my garage! He's also made a mess with my flour in the kitchen! There's a book that goes along with the elf on the shelf and it talks about how he watches what you do and reports back to Santa! My hubby and I love seeing our boys faces!!
-Amy in OH

Anonymous said...

Tracey you are a hoot! This must be the book my neighbor was talking about last year. Her daughter was telling my daughters about the elf that was making messes in their house. I was totally clueless. I may have to get no board this year! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Bittinger, fellow consultant

Cindy B said...

This will be the first year we are doing "elves"...for our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. She might be a little young yet, but we are going to try it. (obviously she can't write letters to Santa...we'll help with that)
I've known about elves for a couple of years, and can't WAIT to start the tradition this year! (wish I had known about it when my own kids were little...they would have loved it!)
ELF TIP: I found a DARLING elf at Michael's! They are new this year...on the small side, with vinyl bodies, (not fabric, like the ones sold through Elf on the Shelf) but I think they will work!AND, they are on sale for $12.99 this week! I've bought one so far. Just wanted to let everyone know...elves aren't that hard to find now!
Cindy Baker
fellow consultant

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