Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Kilt or not to Kilt...

I say Kilt. Final Answer.

No, I did not go to Scotland over the weekend. I went to New Hampshire. Loon Mountain Ski Resort in the White Mountains to be exact. Twas a beautiful fall Sunday morning, the family and I hopped in the car and drove 2 hours to the Annual Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans. It is here that I saw my first Kilt and decided I had to see more. I did not know how manly a Kilt was. Even my husband is sexy in a Kilt- see! You go baby, looking lean!

And this gentleman, whom I would like to thank for not having me thrown out after I became his Personal Stalker. Like my husband said, if he didn't want his picture taken then why change his clothes throughout the day? Defense strategy: He asked for it.

Even the wee laddies are wearing Kilts! Be still my heart. William Wallace in the making! (if you don't know who William Wallace is -You should be ashamed of yourself. Go rent Braveheart)

And now to answer that burning question of yours. Don't even deny it.

My favorite shot of the day: Is there anything sexier than Cops in Kilts?

Love the Scottish humor. I seriously should have bought this shirt and some of these stickers!

This is a shot I took from the ski lift. It shows the arena where the old time Highlander Games were being held. During this shot they were throwing logs in Kilts.

There was way more going on at this Gathering of Kilts. There was tons of food -No I didn't eat an entire bag of Scottish Shortbread. Martin wouldn't let me. Dancing, Singing, Vendor boothes selling everything you can imagine including KILTS and BAG PIPES. The music was the best. There wasn't a minute without music. Including the 'Red Hot Chili Pipers". Just picture the Red Hot Chili Peppers in KILTS. They incorporated modern music with Bag Pipes! Just awesome!

One thing is for sure- next year I will be prepared. I will be able to keep my mouth closed, not drool and have enough nerve to ask that beautiful Scottish Man with many outfits if I can take his photo.

Off to order my husband's Kilt.



Karen said...

LOVE it! As you know I live in Highland, which was named for the Scottish Highlands. We have Highland Days each year and there is lots of Scottish stuff going on there. And, Braveheart happens to be my all time favorite movie. I should fly in for next year's festivities with you!

Stampin n da Hood said...

absolutely priceless!
When you said Kilt...Braveheart was the FIRST thing I thought of...along with the (verifying)scene of not having anything underneath! LOL!

Anna said...

We have a friend here who competes in the Scottish Heavy Athletics - caber toss, sheaf toss, and all the others. We've been to two Highland Games this fall and are offically hooked. He's going to train RJ so he can be in the Masters division. He got to be the official "measurer" for the big games here two weeks ago. Very fun and great fall. Have you seen the utilikilts? Perhaps Home Depot needs to sell them.

kimber said...

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