Monday, September 1, 2008

SMART choice...

Git 'er done! Yeah Baby! Check it out. We waited a year and a half for this. It was the smartest and coolest thing we have ever done! We are absolutely loving it! As a matter of fact, since the waiting list has grown to 2 years now, we are getting online this week and ordering another one!

Our big dilema right now is what to name it. We have to go get the plates in about 2 weeks so we are trying to come up with something smart! LOL so far...



SMRT 4 2





FUN 4 2


Of course we won't know what is taken until we get to the BMV.

Some facts to make you SMARTER...

Gas tank -8.7 gallons

Gas mileage -40-50 highway

Max MPH -100

Too small for a spare tire

I have to move the seat up to drive it (my big guy has plenty of room)

Has a better safety rating than my SUV

Has interchangeable bodypanels

Vehicle length -8.84 ft

Vehicle width -5.11ft


Stampin n da Hood said...

OMG! how stankin BRAVE of you!!
How da heck to you lug all of your stuff around???!
That's the only drawback for this commuter~!

Tracey Mason said...

Well to be honest it is just our toy! So we are not loading it down. But I do have to say that Saturday we took it to Costco and filled it -not the week to get TP though I get that by the pallet. We also took it to the grocery store. It has a nice size trunk- you just can't see it! Something funny, we parked it next to a 'chopper'. The cycle was longer.

Stampin n da Hood said...

howz about


DANG! did you say 2 YEARS?????

Tracey Mason said...

Miss N DA HOOD, you crack me up! yes, 2 years! I love all your plate suggestions! I think though we have to keep it to 7 letters. I need to double check that- I really like the smarty pants! LOL

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