Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To these "UnBelievable Women"...

I'd like to say...

God Bless you Terri indahood! You are just as NUTS as I am, and it was an honor to speak to you in person- ps. do you have some kind of superpower xray vision? You kept dressing just like me! Can we get any cooler? I hope my kids don't see this.

And to my roomies, I say the following:

Marty, thanks for sleeping with me! LOL No matter what I do, I always sleep with a "Marty" I am curious about the cows. Let me know what happens.

Joyce, I loved meeting you & thanks for all those late night talks. I will never forget our conversations and your pink fuzzy aloe slippers make me smile often. Ps. I still think of your mother's recording and wonder if you ever tried that "downward facing dog yoga stuff". Come on- admit it sister.

Cindy, what can I say! You are my one true CTMH constant. I won't forget that. Your bout of CTMH convention bad luck is truly unforgetable but so is that sweet win at the end. I totally called that you know?!

And to my friend Karen... Gosh you are as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside. You were my convention highlight. If I had a choice, you definately would be my long lost separated at birth twin. We totally rocked these hats just like we rocked those photos in class! Thanks for spending Leadership with me!

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