Thursday, July 3, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Finally getting around to posting some of my lovely shots from the big vacation. This one here is from Colorado- Big Cimmaron mountain range. We had to hike to this waterfall, the white space in the lower right corner is SNOW. Tons of it. If you read my post on the Rental Vehicle- we had to go through a bunch of snow drifts to get at the point where we could begin the hike. Speaking of the "Rental Vehicle", I've had several emails asking if I made up this whole story. NO I DID NOT. And if your wondering, the rental company still hasn't called. If you need to rent a vehicle in Albuqurque, New Mexico -stay away from the tan Armada. It is trouble. lol
getting back.....
Quite an adventure this hike was! Too much drama -I could write a short story just on it. At the base of the fall here, this rainbow is constant. Mother nature and all her glory- just waiting for me and my Nikon, plus the monopod. You should have seen me hiking up the side of a mountain in the snow with a monopod. I should have had video on me, we could have sent it to Funniest Home Videos.
If you are wondering about the Black Gallery Frame around my photo here, go to This gal is giving freebies away! The frame action automatically adjusts to the size of your photo. LOVE THAT! Now all I have to do is decide which actions I want to buy from her. Ps. Plan on being at that site for a long time. The photography is stunning.
Till we meet again,

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