Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Un-Invited Guest.........

Here is a crazy one for you! I woke up this morning to an uninvited guest in the dining room. I was just about to get Ethan's breakfast when I heard these crazy noises over by the table. I caught a glimpse of something small and dark. My first thought was a mouse, but mice do not have furry little tails! Yes, my friends....... A Squirrel. Not just any squirrel, but a baby squirrel. He apparently likes succulents! I took his photo before escorting him out the patio door, thankfully that door was next to the plant! LOL

I've concluded that I've never seen a baby squirrel until this point in my life. Not real happy that he was in my house though. Which leads me to the question....

Have you ever had a 'wild' creature in your home? Besides a mouse!


Stampin n da Hood said...

omygawsh, Tracey!
That's sooo funny!
I've always said..."I don't mind living IN the country as long as the country stays OUT of my house!"

We had a possum follow us in the house one nite while bringing in some sacks of walnuts...he wandered around for a few, whilst I ran out the front door screaming!

Stacy Engstrom said...

I;m a fellow consultant and just had an opportunity to look at your blog. Boy was I surprised when I saw this squirrel post! That was not a baby squirrel, that was a flying squirrel! They are very small.What a treat! Not too many people even know about them. I have 3 of them myself as pets. They are very sweet squirrels and are nocturnal. I have no idea how he got in your house.

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